AI-Powered Recommendations that Boost Conversions

Personalized Suggestions to Delight Your Users

Magifind uses advanced AI and behavioral data to provide highly relevant product recommendations and content suggestions at every step of the user journey. Increase engagement, cross-sells, and conversions with intelligent recommendations tailored to each user.

Personalized product recommendations in user interface
Diagram showing Magifind integration with CMS and product catalog

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Catalog

Seamlessly integrate Magifind with your existing CMS and product catalogs to maximize exposure of your offerings. Our AI models analyze your data to identify trending items, frequently bought together products, visually similar items, and more to keep users engaged.

Actionable Insights to Optimize Recommendations

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with Magifind's detailed analytics. Track the performance of recommendation carousels, measure impact with metrics like click-through and conversion rates, and continuously refine your recommendation strategy.

Dashboard showing recommendation performance metrics

Implementing Magifind is a simple 4-step process. First, send your catalog data to Magifind. Then, add a unique user token to identify users. Next, collect user events to train the models. Finally, fetch and display the AI recommendations in your UI. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Magifind offers a wide range of recommendation models including frequently bought together, visually similar items, trending products, alternative suggestions, and 1:1 personalized recommendations based on each user's unique behavior and context. Mix and match models to create the ideal experience.

Magifind's advanced machine learning models analyze both item data and user interactions to uncover meaningful patterns and relationships. The algorithms learn which items are commonly bought together, which products are similar based on user behavior, current trends, and individual user preferences to generate highly relevant, personalized recommendations in real-time.

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